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Stock Market Leaders

Stock Market Leaders Full List
Symbol Name Last Change %CHG Volume Time Watchlist
TSLA Tesla Inc $1051.06 +42.05 +4.16% 5,499,558 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
AAPL Apple Inc $169.96 +4.64 +2.8% 35,192,791 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
AMZN Amazon.com Inc $3541.01 +113.63 +3.31% 871,372 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
NVDA NVIDIA Corp $321.46 +21.09 +7.02% 18,891,064 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
MSFT Microsoft Corp $334.23 +8.04 +2.46% 6,975,216 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
FB Facebook Inc $324.01 +6.14 +1.93% 4,583,529 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
GOOG Alphabet Inc $2962.2 +86.28 +3% 309,858 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
TAAT TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. $3.05 + +% 49,355 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
PFE Pfizer Inc $51.3 -0.18 -0.35% 7,511,782 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST
SLI Standard Lithium Ltd. $9.35 +0.78 +9.15% 1,339,522 2021-12-07 ADD TO WATCHLIST

Top Cryptocurrencies

Name Symbol Price (USD) Prev Close $ Chg (24H) % Chg (24H) Watchlist
Bitcoin US Dollar BTC/USD $50924.46 $50551.76 +$372.7 +0.73% ADD TO WATCHLIST
Ethereum US Dollar ETH/USD $4308 $4352.66 -$44.67 -1.03% ADD TO WATCHLIST
Binance Coin US Dollar BNB/USD $579.5 $588.59 -$9.1 -1.55% ADD TO WATCHLIST
Cardano US Dollar ADA/USD $1.4 $1.42 -$0.02 -1.41% ADD TO WATCHLIST
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