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Get yourself registered as a Rich Picks Daily affiliate, and bring in new members or introduce new companies on our platform to generate a handsome income every month. This program is designed for anyone who has innovative ideas and strong persuasion skills to inspire budding as well as established traders to join the Rich Picks Daily trading club, and help us strengthen our presence as a brand.

Why become a Rich Picks Daily Affiliate?

Great source of residual income

“If your salary is your only source of income, then you are one step away from poverty.” Warren Buffet didn’t say this without a reason. In an age when the cost of living continues to mount, it is vital for one to have an additional source of income to go with the primary one. Being an Affiliate on Rich Picks Daily gives you a great opportunity to beef up your monthly take home earnings and live in style.

Become an Affiliate Today

Monthly payout plans

Expenses never really wait so why should your earnings? We don’t keep you hanging forever before you can get your hands on your income generated through referrals. With a monthly payout schedule, Rich Picks Daily ensures all affiliates get rewarded for their hard work on a periodic basis, so their motivation levels remain sky-high at all times, and they keep striving for bigger and heftier returns month after month.

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Unlimited growth opportunity

The money you make from being an affiliate on Rich Picks Daily can provide you that much-needed cushion on top of your primary income. That being said, nothing is stopping you from making a fortune out of being a Rich Picks Daily affiliate alone. The more new members you bring in, the more money you can make. In short, the potential for growth is boundless and how much you want to earn is entirely up to you.

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Complete control over where to work from

We don’t expect you to come to the office all suited up and sit through 9 excruciatingly long hours of work. You can operate as a Rich Picks Daily affiliate from the comfort of your home in your pajamas or whilst on an island vacation in the Bahamas sipping on some coconut water. It’s your tactics that will help you earn money as an affiliate, not your physical availability.

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Work at your own pace

With full-time job responsibilities and dozens of personal errands to run on a daily basis, you may not really be able to commit to a stringent schedule as an affiliate. That’s exactly why we give you full autonomy to choose how much time you can invest as an affiliate on Rich Picks Daily and what your working hours would be. You are the one who gets to decide what timetable works best for you – no questions asked!

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No prior experience needed

Unlike many jobs out there, being an affiliate on Rich Picks Daily doesn’t require you to have heavy duty credentials or experience under your belt. As long as you have the passion and drive to bring in new members to Rich Picks Daily, you can be sure of taking home a decent amount of cash every month and still have enough time to work, study or be a homemaker.

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