Best Trading Platforms in 2022

Best Trading Platforms in 2022

Opting for a broker may be challenging owing to the large range of options that are accessible to consumers. Many brokers now provide their services for free for the most regularly traded assets. However, investors will still discover considerable disparities in the platform’s features, the technology used, user interface, etc. There’s a lot to take in, so we’ve taken care of most of it for you. To find the top trading platforms, we put a bunch of U.S.-based brokers through a thorough assessment process that includes hands-on research.

Best for beginners:

First, we talk about the platform that is ideal for beginners. When it comes to new investor education, TD Ameritrade has a reputation for making things as easy as possible. Of course, you may find less expensive or flashier brokers. But TD Ameritrade provides the tools, resources, and customer service to help beginning investors become better investors in the long run. TD Ameritrade’s brokerage account has a number of advantages, including a wide range of educational resources and the chance to practice trading on the platform without making a financial commitment. With TD Ameritrade, novice investors have no problem choosing a brokerage account because the breadth and robustness of TD Ameritrade is the best among all trading platforms for beginners out there.

Best mobile app:

TD Ameritrade offers two best-in-class smartphone applications. For traders, the thinkorswim mobile app is a convenient tool for monitoring and opening new positions. This mobile app may easily replace a desktop computer as the go-to tool. The standard TD Ameritrade app is preferable to the complete website since it simplifies the whole experience while nesting all of the additional capabilities into a handy, mobile offering.

Best for learning, support-seeking & penny stock discovery:

Rich Picks Daily is a community of investors that educates and supports people from around the globe to trade successfully in stock and cryptocurrency markets. One of the most popular features of the trading club is the fact that it is where new penny stocks with a huge upside keep getting introduced from time to time. The community allows members access to 127+ hours of exclusive educational videos and several trading books. This feature is coupled with a set of timed assessments for individuals who wish to assess how well they’ve been grasping different trading concepts. Individual handholding & live trading demos are also available. The platform offers market data, the latest financial news, and a watchlist creation feature. Members can also be part of chat groups & form lasting relationships that go beyond trading.

Best broker for options:

When it comes to trading options contracts, Tastyworks’ pricing is among the most competitive in the industry. Even so, the adaptable tools, in-depth information, and user-friendly interfaces are what really set it apart as a top broker for options traders. Tastyworks is the broker you choose after you’ve determined that options trading is all you want to do, not the one you start with. The Tastyworks platform is built for this purpose in a unique manner. Trading sessions provide options traders with all the resources they need, and they can use their downtime to study up on the latest developments in the options market before the next round of trading begins.

Best broker for low costs:

There are a number of low-cost trading platforms available. Fidelity (our best overall broker) comes out on top because of its cash management alternatives and portfolio analysis tools that aggregate accounts from other financial institutions. It is the best alternative if you don’t trade a lot of options and don’t need futures or cryptocurrencies.

Best for advanced traders:

For expert day traders, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) continues to be the best alternative. Expert day traders are assumed to be open to introducing third-party solutions to make up for any gaps in backtesting and automation in exchange for IBKR’s foreign exchanges, a broad variety of stocks on the easy-to-borrow list, and exceptionally cheap margin rates in this category of trading. Advanced cryptocurrency-focused day traders are able to trade directly in bitcoin. Interactive Brokers has all the assets, reach, and tools you may need. It also offers extremely favorable margin rates. With the greatest overall trading platform, Interactive Brokers is a perfect choice for experienced traders.

Best for international trading:

One of the highly recommended trading platforms for international trading is Interactive Brokers. This category is dominated by Interactive Brokers. It has access to 135 marketplaces in 33 countries. With Interactive Broker, you may trade 23 currencies in 115 different pairs aside from the broker’s extensive order selection and trading features. Trades may be made across markets and asset classes in a manner that no other broker can presently match, which speaks volumes of Interactive Broker’s breadth and depth. To access worldwide markets, Interactive Brokers offers one of the top brokerage accounts around for those interested in international trading.

Best for ETFs:

Full-service brokerage Charles Schwab has a good score in several areas and remains a great choice for ETFs. This is primarily due to the quality of its ETF screener, as well as the general robustness of its entire product.  which includes education on ETFs and portfolio analysis tools for regular investors. Schwab makes ETF investment easy as it offers clients thorough research and multi-criteria screening. Charles Schwab is the greatest brokerage account for investors in ETFs because of these features.

The Bottom Line:

You may find dozens of trading platforms at your disposal. Picking the best depends on what sort of investor you are today and what you want to become. Investors’ objectives and strategies might shift over time. You may want a more powerful platform with more assets and exchanges. Or you might want to simplify your strategy and be more passive. Competition in the brokerage industry is a good thing. There are so many brokers that can meet your requirements, no matter how much your needs alter.

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