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An Ideal Means of Judging Your Trading Prowess

Saving you from costly slip-ups

Why risk all your money by trading blindly when you’ve got a training ground where you can afford to make mistakes without costing yourself anything and fine-tune your knowledge before you’re ready to face the world? Our exam center allows you to get your basics right first, so that you are more likely to be making the right decisions in real-time trading scenarios.

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A fair judgement of your strengths and weaknesses

As a trader you may have certain winning skills and some frailties that may be keeping you from making big returns. But noticing where you are going astray is sometimes difficult to do on your own. The Rich Picks Daily exam center provides you the guiding light with a fully unbiased and neutral overview of the areas where you are strong and ones in which you lack. This way anything that needs brushing up can be addressed well before hand.

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Instilling the passion in you to outdo yourself

In the world of trading you are your own biggest friend as well as foe. This exclusive exam center gives you the drive to do outperform yourself by being able to undergo multiple iterations of a single trading assessment, until you get it 100% right. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t do great the first time. Learn from your mistakes and try again. You will gradually get there.

Avail 40+ hours of Training Content

Helping you have all bases covered

This exam center isn’t just for people who have just begun trading, it’s for the seasoned lot as well. Even with a fair amount of trading experience, but may still overlook some important trading considerations at times. The Rich Picks Daily exam center enables you to cover all angles of investing. Lift your game by ask yourself the hard questions instead of sticking to your comfort zone. That’s the only way you can rise to excellence.

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A Complete Tool for Trader Evaluation

  • i. Offers a series of MCQs, fill in the blanks, true/false and other forms of questions to test and train you
  • ii. Times you to ensure you answering within an acceptable period
  • iii. Updates you in real time whether you got the answer right to a particular question
  • iv. Compiles overall exam result and generates a report card at the end
  • v. Allows you to retake the test so you may do better next time and boost your confidence