Technical Analysis

When an investor does research on companies, they look at the fundamentals: revenue, valuation, or industry trends. However, the market price seldom correlates with these basic variables.

Technical analysis is a boon to traders and investors since it applies methods like statistical analysis and behavioral economics to bridge the gap between an asset’s intrinsic worth and market price. It may assist traders in predicting future developments by examining historical data. It is common for investors to employ both technical and fundamental research to be able to make profitable investment choices.

In this article we will examine some key considerations that can help traders perform technical analysis effectively.

1 . Opting for a Suitable Approach

When it comes to technical analysis, there are two main approaches: top-down and bottom-up.

A study that looks at the economy before addressing specific security is referred to as a “top-down approach”. In this approach, a trader would begin by looking at economies, followed by sectors, and finally by businesses when analyzing stock prices. Instead of working to sustain the long-term value of their stocks, traders using this method are for quick gains.

In contrast to the aforementioned macroeconomic perspective, the “bottom-up” approach concentrates on individual entities. This concept entails evaluating a security that looks intriguing enough to warrant consideration of entry and exit. Traders may discover a cheap stock during a decline and an entry opportunity when the price is at its lowest. They base their choices on identifying value and want to hang on to them in the long run.

There may be various other methods of technical analysis as well used by traders. People focusing on swing and position trading would often put chart patterns and technical indicators to use, while regular day traders may employ basic trendlines and volume indicators.

2 . Choosing a Strategy or Establishing a Viable Trading System

Deciding on a strategy or trading system right at the beginning is crucial for technical analysis to be done right. Traders may use simple methods, such as moving average crossover strategies, that are easier to understand and apply for novices. In this case, a purchase signal is generated if the short-term 50-day moving average rises above the long-term 200-day moving average. A sell signal is triggered the other way round.

3 . Picking The Right Parameters

Instead of just using one kind of moving average like a 200-day simple moving average, multiple moving averages, such as a 15-day and 50-day moving average, may be needed to meet certain stock or investment contract requirements.

4 . Selecting The Appropriate Trading Account

A proper trading account must be chosen to handle the kind of securities picked. It should provide the necessary monitoring and tracking capabilities while remaining cost-effective, in order to prevent reducing profitability.

5 . Keeping a Watchful Eye on Trades

The strategies used by traders will influence the kind of functionality required. While day traders will require a more elaborate set of functionalities (usually covered in a margin account), those with basic requirements can rely on more economical alternatives.

6 . Introducing Supplementary Tools

Performance may be further enhanced by including additional elements. To some traders, notifications or having the ability to execute transactions via their phones while on the move is essential. Others will use automated trading systems to do the work for them.

Final Word 

Technical analysis provides a convenient framework for predicting how things will move based on the prevailing data. Traders and investors may earn better risk-adjusted returns over the long run by comprehending and implementing technical analysis. Understanding technical analysis and learning how to use it before putting actual money at risk prevents the likelihood of errors to a significant extent.

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