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QQQ Options Trading System

QQQ Options Trading is one of the freshest trading concepts to hit the markets. Traders who are new to this concept and seek exposure to NASDAQ 100 stocks can read all about QQQ Options Trading in this article. What is QQQ Options Trading? QQQ Options...

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Tape Reading Trading Strategy

The success of stock traders depends heavily on their understanding of different trading strategies. While there’s a diverse array of strategies that have the potential of bearing fruit when implemented correctly, the one that is considered to be extremely crucial is called “Tape Reading”. This...

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Undirectional Trade Strategy – Opening Price Tricks

Unidirectional Trade Strategy, almost all traders are well-versed with two basic trading strategies – directional and non-directional. Directional trading, which is quite popular, is all about predicting beforehand if the market will go up on down. On the other hand, a non-directional trading strategy revolves...

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