Rich Picks Referral Prizes

Being an affiliate on Rich Picks Daily comes with incredible cash incentives. Our latest “Referral Prizes” campaign is a testament to that. All you have to do is bring in as many paid referrals to us as possible, and if you top the leaderboard, the monthly cash prize is all yours.

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Rich Picks Giveaways

Perform different member activities and earn points to qualify for a lucky draw with cash prizes of up to CAD 700 every month.

How to Qualify

It’s all about ensuring that your referral count as an affiliate grows at a brisk enough pace for you to stay ahead in the race. If you manage to do that, there’s nothing that can stop you from being up to CAD 1000 richer at the end of each month. We’ve broken down the qualification process for you in the following steps.

  1. Create an account on Rich Picks Daily. It’s entirely up to you if you want to set up a free (basic) or a paid (pro/elite) account; but a paid member can win a bigger cash prize than a free one. So if you want to maximize your winnings, it is recommended that you go for a paid account.
  2. Once your account has been created, visit and complete the necessary formalities to obtain your Affiliate code.
  3. Start referring Rich Picks Daily to your target audience. Just make sure that every time you promote a Rich Picks Daily website URL with the intention of bringing in a new member, you add the string “/?pa=YOURCODE” to it. For example, if you want to promote Rich Picks Daily’s home page and your affiliate code is “A7D75ECB7A”, the URL that you use should be Whenever a referral is generated through a Rich Picks Daily URL that carries your affiliate string, our system will recognize the referral as one generated from your account.
  4. As soon as our tracking system recognizes a new paid referral being generated through your Affiliate account, your referral count will increase by 1. Only referrals that you bring in the form Pro/Elite members will count. The minimum criteria for qualification is 3 referrals.
  5. Names of the top 5 Affiliates producing the most referrals can be seen in the leaderboard. Your aim should be to get to Number 1. If you’re not placed first yet, don’t worry. You can still track your current position under “Your Ranking” section in this page and try working your way up. Remember, the prize belongs to the table-topper. So do everything you can to finish 1st.
  6. At the end of each month, based on the table results, the cash prize will be awarded to the winner (in case of a tie, the first person to reach the highest referral count will win).
  7. Please refer to the next section to check out the cash incentives for winners.

Tempting Cash Incentives

Anyone who comes first in the leaderboard automatically wins the competition. The amount that the winner receives as a cash prize depends on two factors.

  1. Whether the winner has generated 3-6 referrals or more than 6.
  2. Whether the winner is a Free (Basic) or Paid (Pro/Elite) member.

Here’s a chart that explains the cash prize entitlement on a scenario-wise basis:

No. of Referrals Generated by Winner Winner’s Membership Account Type Cash Prize Entitlement (in CAD)
3 - 6 Pro/Elite (Paid) 500
Basic (Free) 250
6+ Pro/Elite (Paid) 1000
Basic (Free) 500

Everyone’s Invited

Whether you are a paid member or a free member, no one is barred from participating. This is a completely open-for-all competition where the cash prizes you earn are purely based on your hard work and your ability to bring in new paid members to our trading club. Do you have what it takes to be the Number 1 Affiliate on Rich Picks Daily?

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Monthly Leaderboard

Here are the top 5 affiliates leading the competition at the moment. To win, you need to outscore the table topper in terms of the number of referrals generated. Things can change very quickly here. So if you’re leading today, make sure you keep increasing your lead to widen the gap between you and other participating affiliates.

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