Torben Sørensen to resign from the Executive Board of Vestjysk Bank A/S

Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S


Torben Sørensen’s contract with Vestjysk Bank A/S expires without notice at the end of June 2022.

The Board of Directors has decided to allocate Mr Sørensen’s duties to the remaining members of the Executive Board: Jan Ulsø Madsen, Chief Executive Officer, and Michael N. Petersen, Managing Director, who will make up the Executive Board of Vestjysk Bank going forward.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to Jan Ulsø Madsen, CEO, on tel. (+45) 96 63 21 04.

Vestjysk Bank A/S

Kim Duus                                          Jan Ulsø Madsen
Chairman                                          CEO

Vestjysk Bank A/S
Industrivej Syd 13C
7400 Herning
Tel. (+45) 96 63 20 00

CVR-nr. 34 63 13 28

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